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Mik Is the ebirform down today? It always says slow internet connection but my internet is working fine and is actually fast. I already used two different computers and internet network but got the same result.

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Jeff After clicking Final Copy, software is saying internet connection is not detected and I can't submit the forms.

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yhatz What a government system we have? eBIRforms is not working! Poor system!

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Chryzten25 eBIRforms doesn't run properly. I had printed a form just last month but now it won't run.

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TaxPayer I can't print the forms via 4.7 and 6.2 versions. I'm getting an error on a script.

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eliza s. dela torre

eliza s. dela torre I am using the offline eBIRForms, why is the updated version 6.2 is not responding, after filling out the form and have saved it and I proceed to print the form so I can pay the taxes due to the bank, what will I do, I will be late in making payment!

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jayson Is this app applicable for Mac users?

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Cesar Please provide a version for MacOS.

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wepach Sent my 1601c without payment via 6.1 version (final copy) but did not received any confirmation on my email. What happened? I have my printed copy with me. Please resolve the problem.

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Cory Hello, just recently when I would open a form, on the eBIRForms, a pop-up would say this- and I can not make any form because this pop up would say->.

Script Error
An error has occured in the script of this page.
Char: 2
Error: The system can not find the file specified.
Code: 0
URL: file:///C:/Users/m3r0k0/AppData/Local/Temp/%7B2AE217AE-4B32-4143-87DC-7A52C26780C5%7D/js/string-util.js

What needs to be done?

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Cayo Cory, do you have an idea of what I'm supposed to do to stop that error?

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JANAE LAMBETH Creative blog post. Does someone know where my company could locate a template IRS W-2 form to type on?

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Donna Hi! Can anyone help me with v.5.0? Every time I submitted my form 1702Q to final copy, my eBIRForms is not responding. What should I do? Thank you.

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syrhel mariano

syrhel mariano I need your help asap.

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syrhel mariano

syrhel mariano Please help! I can't download the eBIRForms version 6.1. Thank you.

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Giann Aprentado

Giann Aprentado Hi! Please help. We are having problems with our eBIRForms Offline program when we are submitting our final copy we always encountered this error message; "Your tax return was not submitted online due to any of the following reasons that may interrupt the submission process: -slow internet connection -overly restrictive firewall". Upon checking our internet speed connection sure that is not the problem same goes with our firewall since it was turned off so we are asking for your help regarding this matter since this is taking up so much of our time and effort. We appreciate your favorable response for this. Thank you very much.

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accounting staff

accounting staff Check your firewall restrictions on your computer. If it's not solved, then check your internet firewall. Contact your internet service provider to assist you regarding this.

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