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Roxsan Error occurred Line : 874 Char:3 Code: 0 what happened? Please advice.

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Edge Roxsan, i also experienced the script error. It turns out the error is with my net connection. I can surf the net open fb and surf any site but still having script error. What i did is use my phone as mobile hotspot and viola from the same pc gumana ung sending. Just try using other net or wifi

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Louie What happened to my ebir forms 6.3? It won't anymore open. I opened and used it a month ago when I prepared my clients' May 2017 BIR returns but now for June returns it is not functioning anymore. Please advise

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Joy Louie, we have the same problem. Have you fixed already? If yes, please share how u did it.Thank you

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Jon Joy, I don't know if this might work for you but I changed the settings of my Kaspersky Internet Security and ebirforms worked again. I "told" Kaspersky, at its firewall, that ebirforms was a "trusted" program. After that, I reset the Kaspersky to default settings and ebirforms 6.3 was still working. I checked the settings again - all the changes I made in my Kaspersky have been reverted to its original setting (all my changes removed) but ebirforms is STILL working.

I wish I know WHY ebirforms has started to work again. I hope it was because what I did. My theory is that my internet security was blocking ebirforms and resetting to default cleared up the block.

I hope this might help.

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Mik Is the ebirform down today? It always says slow internet connection but my internet is working fine and is actually fast. I already used two different computers and internet network but got the same result.

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Jeff After clicking Final Copy, software is saying internet connection is not detected and I can't submit the forms.

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yhatz What a government system we have? eBIRforms is not working! Poor system!

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Chryzten25 eBIRforms doesn't run properly. I had printed a form just last month but now it won't run.

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TaxPayer I can't print the forms via 4.7 and 6.2 versions. I'm getting an error on a script.

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eliza s. dela torre

eliza s. dela torre I am using the offline eBIRForms, why is the updated version 6.2 is not responding, after filling out the form and have saved it and I proceed to print the form so I can pay the taxes due to the bank, what will I do, I will be late in making payment!

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jayson Is this app applicable for Mac users?

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Cesar Please provide a version for MacOS.

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wepach Sent my 1601c without payment via 6.1 version (final copy) but did not received any confirmation on my email. What happened? I have my printed copy with me. Please resolve the problem.

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Cory Hello, just recently when I would open a form, on the eBIRForms, a pop-up would say this- and I can not make any form because this pop up would say->.

Script Error
An error has occured in the script of this page.
Char: 2
Error: The system can not find the file specified.
Code: 0
URL: file:///C:/Users/m3r0k0/AppData/Local/Temp/%7B2AE217AE-4B32-4143-87DC-7A52C26780C5%7D/js/string-util.js

What needs to be done?

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Cayo Cory, do you have an idea of what I'm supposed to do to stop that error?

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JANAE LAMBETH Creative blog post. Does someone know where my company could locate a template IRS W-2 form to type on?

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Donna Hi! Can anyone help me with v.5.0? Every time I submitted my form 1702Q to final copy, my eBIRForms is not responding. What should I do? Thank you.

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syrhel mariano

syrhel mariano I need your help asap.

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