eBIRForms 7.6

Manages tax and tax return forms
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Information Systems Group of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.
Fill out tax forms and save, edit, validate, print, or submit them. The tool contains numerous standardized forms covering income tax returns, VAT, Withholding Tax, Excise Tax, etc.

The Electronic Bureau of Internal Revenue Forms (eBIRForms) was developed primarily to provide taxpayers with an alternative mode of preparing and filing tax returns that is easier and more convenient. The use of eBIRForms by taxpayers will improve the BIR's tax return data capture and storage thereby enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the filing of tax returns. Through the use of the downloadable eBIRForms Software Package (also known as the Offline Package), taxpayers and Accredited Tax Agents (ATAs) will be able to fill up tax returns offline and submit it to the BIR through the Online eBIRForms System.

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